Farmasi Starter Kit

Want to Join Farmasi?

Become a Farmasi Beauty Influencer

  • Takes less than 10 minutes to join online instantly!
  • Get 50% off of Farmasi Makeup & Skincare FOREVER…
  • Participate in Farmasi Compensation plan
  • You’ll receive a Farmasi starter kit (with tons of great makeup and beauty samples)
  • Have your very own personal Farmasi website
  • Own your own beauty business
  • ONE TIME fee $19.99 and ZERO monthly fees or a “sales quota” that you need to hit to stay active as an influencer!

Want to Join Farmasi as a Beauty Influencer?

The company (Farmasi) offers you a great business opportunity, where you can save when you purchase, earn more when you sell it… and earn more by building your own team.

All commissions from Farmasi start at 50% (starting on the day you join) with no quotas to meet, no requirements, no inventory to purchase and the freedom to get up to 75% in commissions as you grow your Farmasi business (as a beauty influencer.) When you sign up as a Farmasi Makeup Consultant, you pay just a one-time fee of $19.99 (FARMASI STARTER KIT) – (most companies make you renew annually – this is NOT the case with Farmasi.) 

What comes in a Farmasi starter kit?

– Lipsticks, Makeup Foundations, Skin Care Products, Masks, Shampoos,
Massage Gels, Conditioners, Serums, Face Creams…
– Makeup Samples/Products – TONS!!! 
– Magnetic Makeup Storage Box 
– Skin-Care Guide
– Color Guide Book 
– Opportunity Manual • 2 Trendy Farmasi Gift Bags 
– (4) Farmasi Beauty Catalogs (shows all products) 

what comes in farmasi kit