farmasi starter kits

Farmasi Starter Kit

The Farmasi makeup starter kit is just $19.99 and comes with lots of makeup and skincare samples which include:

Lipstick minis, stay matte or VFX pro camera ready foundation samples, calendula skincare samples, paprika, and chili balsam massage gel samples, Keratin & garlic haircare samples, Farmasi opportunity guide, complete skincare guide, and two trendy Farmasi gift bags. In addition, your beauty kit will come neatly bundled inside of a gorgeous sturdy Farmasi makeup box, with magnetic closure and a FREE customized beauty influencer website – which will be emailed to you immediately after joining! So, In conclusion – if you choose not to sell, but just want the discounted makeup & skincare 50% off, that is totally okay too! So, you can decide if you want to promote or not – This is not a requirement.

Farmasi Starter Kit

How Do I Join Farmasi?

What is In The Farmasi Makeup Kit

  • First, You Will Get 50% off ALL future Farmasi Purchases!
  • Lipsticks, Makeup Foundations, Skin Care Products, Masks, Shampoos, Massage Gels, Conditioners, Serums, Face Creams…
  • Makeup Samples/Products
  • Farmasi Makeup Magnetic Storage Box
  • Skin-Care Guide
  • Color Guide (match your shades)
  • Farmasi Opportunity Manual
  • 2 Trendy Gift Bags
  • 4 Farmasi Beauty Catalogs (shows all products)


  • Step 1: Firstly, Go to the Farmasi US Website. Click here to go to the Farmasi Signup.
  • Step 2: Secondly, Fill Out Personal Information. Fill out your personal information including your name, address, etc.
  • Step 3: Thirdly, Select Your Farmasi Beauty Influencer Starter Kit if you don’t want the standard starter kit (optional upgrade – not required!)
  • Step 4: Most Importantly – PLEASE REMEMBER your 50% discount starts immediately – so, before you check out (while you’re joining and getting your starter kit) you’ll have the option of shopping for any products you want to buy or try right away. Most people don’t realize this and go back after they join and place a personal order which you’ll end up paying shipping twice for no reason – if you do it all at once when you join…you pay to ship just once! It saves you money, time and it’s so fun using your discount right away!
  • Step 4: After that…Check your email! You will receive a welcome email from Farmasi corporate with your beauty influencer (account) details and your free customized website to promote and make 50% commissions on your personal sales – if you choose to go the business route with Farmasi. This is so completely optional.
farmasi starter kit join for $19
Farmasi Starter Kit - Farmasi Makeup

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